Our Mission

Inspire creativity and promote passions through our socks. We support our local communities by giving back, getting involved, and encouraging those around us to help us on this mission.

That's why we've joined with the Louisiana SPCA to create our limited edition sock available to order.

100% of the profits go directly to the shelter.

Limited Edition Louisiana SPCA Sock - ELL & Atty
Limited Edition Louisiana SPCA Sock - ELL & Atty

Limited Edition Louisiana SPCA Sock

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Our Story

For us, it's personal

ELL & Atty is named after our four dogs, Eleanor, Lady, Lola, and Atticus. They inspire us every day through their unconditional love.

Hurricane Katrina devasted the city of New Orleans and its people. But the city was and still is too rich in history, culture, and arts to be washed away. The people of New Orleans came together to rebuild this beautiful city. Being a part of this complete community rebuild has encouraged us to continue to maintain and grow our community.

Your Gifts Make a Difference

goes towards Microchips

provides Health Certificates or Transportation

covers an Annual Exam

funds Spay/Neuter Surgery

can purchase 5 Elevated Beds

buys food for a week

Donate to the Louisiana SPCA

Give back to the shelter or order our limited edition "LA/SPCA" socks and we will match 100% (Yes! 100%!) of the profits to pets in need.

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When you're with us, we treat you like family. That's why we offer new subscribers 25% OFF & FREE SHIPPING and stay up to date on everything ELL & Atty.