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Byford Classics

Explore our collection of stylish Byford London socks.

Classic Argyle - Superwash Merino Wool Byford Dress Socks

From $29.50

Byford Superwash Merino Wool Solid Dress Socks

From $28.25

The Houndstooth - Byford Cotton Dress Socks

From $22.00

Byford Island Rib Pima Cotton Dress Socks

From $22.50

Birds Eye - Byford Padded Sole Dress Socks


No-Show Socks



Cotton Argyle Byford Dress Socks


Plush Sport Byford Socks


Midway 2x1 Ribbed Wool Byford Dress Socks


Byflex 6x3 Ribbed Solid Merino Wool Dress Sock

From $25.00

2-Color Pindot Byford Pima Cotton Dress Socks


Byflex 6x3 Dress Wool Sock (Size One/King Size)

From $23.25