ELL & Atty

Welcome to ELL & Atty.

We are the exclusive online distributor of the Ell & Atty, Byford London, and Gordon of New Orleans brands. Ell & Atty is a family company, named after our 4 dogs: Eleanor, Lady, Lola and Atticus.

We are a brand built upon the notion that socks are a means of self-expression and comfort. ELL & Atty socks are like no other with our access to premium fabric blends like Peruvian Pima Cotton to Alpaca to Superwash Merino Wool paired with thoughtful, creative designs.

The Gordon Family is a big believer of Southern Hospitality. When it comes to customer Service, making sure people feel heard and respected is a priority.

Our Mission is to inspire creativity and invoke passion through our socks. We support our local communities by giving back, getting involved, and encouraging those around us to help us on this mission.